How do I finance my house?

Check which assets are available in what amount and when. These include not only assets in bank accounts, in custody accounts and home savings contracts, but also subsidies from relatives such as financial support from the parents in the context of asset transfer during life.

For assets invested in highly volatile assets such as equities or funds, the principle is that if you decide that you want to achieve your dream of your own home in the foreseeable future, you should redeploy risky assets to safe assets such as time deposits or savings bonds ,

The cost of financing a property should always be tailored to your personal financial ability. The monthly load can be determined by a budget bill, which also includes special expenses.

So that the dream of the desired property does not burst, you should look in advance in the right price segment for a property.

Basically, for every home loan: The more equity is injected into the financing, the cheaper the loan. An equity ratio of at least 20 percent should therefore be sought.

The equity is an important financial pillar for the home purchase. The more equity in the loan for the home purchase can be introduced, the cheaper the way there. Higher equity improves the interest rate condition of the home purchase loan and demonstrates to the bank a reliable advance planning of the borrower.

When you have found your dream property, you are faced with the question of whether you can really afford the new home. If you need a sound answer, you have to calculate exactly.

To calculate your construction loan limit, perform the calculation in several steps. In this way, the calculation remains manageable and can be continued at each "station" if necessary in different variants.

Not all those willing to build have sufficient equity to finance 20 or 30 percent of the construction or acquisition costs from their own resources. Under certain circumstances, however, the construction financing without equity works.

In the current low-interest phase, under certain conditions, real estate financing is possible even without equity.